Monday, 21 March 2011

Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

My old apartment in Grand Falls-Windsor.  I lived here in the summer of 2007.  It was my first reporting job in Newfoundland. The apartment was about a 20 minute walk from work.  I walked a lot. It was a good summer.

Bay of Fundy, NL

This is a sketch of the entrance to Fundy Park. It was sketched from a suite in Alma. It took about two hours to complete.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

shed door

This is a finished sketch of a shed door in Seal Cove, White Bay.  It only took a couple of days to draw the outline. But several weeks to complete the ink work. 
A shed under construction on one of the many wharves surrounding the cove in Seal Cove, White Bay.  I added some ink to the boards. I wasn't sure how it would look. But it looks rough and adds character to the sketch.

Salvage, NL

This is an ink and charcoal sketch completed in Salvage, NL. It was a sunny day and I saw this shed from a lookout in the village.